Taeyeon Reacts “Furiously” To Her “We Got Married” Days With Jeong Hyeong Don

Taeyeon was taken aback.

On a recent episode of tvN‘s Amazing Saturday, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was reminded of her We Got Married days with Jeong Hyeong Don, to which she reacted honestly.

“Amazing Saturday” | tvN


During a quiz game, Boom provided “We Got Married” as a hint when Jo Kwon and Gain‘s song came on.


And that reminded Boom of Taeyeon’s connection to the show.

Taeyeon, weren’t you on ‘We Got Married’, too? With Jeong Hyeong Don.

— Boom

In response, Taeyeon jokingly went off on Boom for bringing the past back to the surface.

Why did you have to bring that up? Come over here.

— Taeyeon

But that didn’t stop Boom from teasing Taeyeon further.

Those were the memories shared between Taeyeon and Jeong Hyeong Don.

— Boom

Taeyeon appeared on MBC‘s We Got Married with Jeong Hyeong Don back in 2009.

“We Got Married” | MBC

The two showed off sweet interactions on the show, and even went on to continue their friendship on other shows as well.

Check out Taeyeon’s hilarious reaction below:

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