Taeyeon Won’t Be Promoting Her New Album In Korea, Here’s Why

Taeyeon has a special purpose for this album.

Taeyeon is preparing to drop her 3rd mini-album “Something New” but she won’t be promoting it in Korea.

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An industry insider revealed she will not be performing it on music shows or appearing on variety programs to promote it.

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“Taeyeon decided not to do any broadcast promotions for her new summer song.” — Industry Insider


They revealed that the whole purpose of the album was a special gift to her Korean fans who are waiting for her new album. She wants to leave something special for her fans while she embarks on her Japanese promotions.

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Taeyeon will begin her “TAEYEON – JAPAN SHOWCASE TOUR 2018” starting on June 15.


As she will be busy promoting in Japan and not able to promote in Korea for the time being, she wanted to gift her Korean fans with a little comfort and an expression of her gratitude.

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“Something New” drops on June 18.

Source: Xportsnews

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