Taiwanese Fashion Influencer Apologizes For “Grabbing” IU At Gucci Event

Netizens felt that she was rude in her approach.

On May 19, Taiwanese influencer Molly Chiang posted an apology for grabbing singer IU when she met her at a fashion show in Seoul.

| @molly_chiang/Instagram

Luxury brand Gucci held its 2024 Cruise Fashion Show at the historical Gyeongbokgung Palace in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on May 16. Many of South Korea’s A-listers attended the event, including aespa member WinterNewJeans‘s Hanni, and actors Shin Min Ah, and Lim Ji Yeon. Many international celebrities were also in attendance, including actors Dakota Johnson, Elizabeth OlsenAlia Bhatt, and Gulf Kanawut. Molly Chiang, one of the top fashion influencers from Taiwan, was also on this bedazzled guest list.

While fans couldn’t help gawking at all the looks these celebrities served at the event, a video showing Molly’s not-so-pleasant interaction with IU went viral. While passing in front of IU, Molly grabbed her wrists as the K-Pop singer was greeting the cameras. Seeing this, IU’s security guards stepped up, and Molly let go of her hand.

Throughout the exchange, IU maintained her smile and composure, but netizens noted that she was visibly uncomfortable and was even subtly hinting at her bodyguards to step in. Fans called out Molly’s behavior as problematic, and a series of posts digging up similar behavior from Molly started flooding the internet. Apparently, the influencer had once been criticized before for approaching actor Jung Hae In at a Louis Vuitton event in Taiwan this year.

With the growing pool of criticism, the influencer finally issues a public apology on her social media. She also clarified that she has sent her apologies to IU’s agency as well.

With the help of a Korean-speaking friend, I translated the letter of apology to IU and sent it along with the English version to her agency. My actions were not right. Each person has a different personality and culture, so I should have been more careful, but I failed to do so.

—Molly Chiang

Molly also apologized to the fans who were disappointed by her actions and promised to reflect on her actions hereafter.

I brought this controversy on myself. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t touch people I don’t know. I will make sure to correct this behavior.

—Molly Chiang

Source: Money Today