“Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” Actor Kim Bum Scares The Life Out of His Fans With Latest Instagram Stories

A social media master!

As the little fox of the two nine-tailed magical brothers in tvN‘s Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938, actor Kim Bum (also known as Kim Beom) is receiving a tremendous amount of attention for his acting!

“Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” | tvN

But the actor’s real charm, as his fans would insist, is how down-to-earth he is. Known to keep things real 100% of the time, Kim Bum has a track record of keeping his fans on their toes…

Actor Kim Bum in “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938.” | @CJnDrama/Twitter

…with his internet presence.

Kim Bum’s fans know well that the actor is an avid user of Twitter and other social media platforms—and a skilled searcher, too! The actor is known to keep up with what the fans are talking about; And in his latest Instagram Stories updates, he scared the life out of his fans once again!

| @k.kbeom/Instagram

Along with a screenshot of his Twitter search showing, “Chosun’s Gumiho,” a line from the latest episodes of the K-Drama, Kim Bum commented that he had “so much fun” lurking around social media until 2 AM.

| @k.kbeom/Instagram

[Trending in South Korea: Chosun’s Gumiho]

Wow. I scrolled WAY past 2 AM. That was so much fun.
(Big thanks for the flower shop event, too.)

— Kim Bum

His Instagram Stories then showed screenshots of more fan tweets—captioned with his own responses.

| @k.kbeom/Instagram

@paikchi: Lee Yeon and Lee Rang should be the models for the alcohol brand that’s using the gumiho character. I mean, we LITERALLY have Chosun’s living gumihos right here. Hello.

Kim Bum: I agree. I like that brand of alcohol, too.

When his fans got curious (or terrified, depending)…

| @k.kbeom/Instagram

@bbfoxnun: Scrolled what past 2 AM…? Twitter…? OMFG, Kim Bum… I hope “Chosun’s Gumiho” is the ONLY trending words he searched… Gosh darn, he’s TERRIFYING.

Kim Bum: Trending words? But I know how to look up tweets about me. Even the ones being hidden from me. I even search in Thai. Should I not…?

…Kim Bum confirmed: He’s seeing all of the posts and reading all of the comments!

| @k.kbeom/Instagram

@jjoppu3: Seeing Kim Bum’s tweets, though, I’m kind of relieved. I think he looks at the most popular tweets and that’s it. Haha.

Kim Bum: Wrong. ^_^

When some fans grew worried that, spending too much time on Twitter, the actor could come across negative posts about him, Kim Bum reassured them that such tweets don’t bother him. But what does bother him?

The fact that theqoo doesn’t have a dedicated page under his name!

| @k.kbeom/Instagram

@youngahh62: Reason I want Kim Bum off Twitter: It’s fine that he’s looking at fan reactions. But here and there, he’ll come across tweets that are malicious. I don’t want him to see those.

Kim Bum: I don’t even care about malicious posts about me. I’m not bothered. All I want is for [the fans] to have fun watching K-Dramas I’m in. Also… It’s not ONLY Twitter that I’m looking at. Like… How come theqoo doesn’t have a page under my name?

It sure looks like Kim Bum has his eyes on everything, everywhere, all at once.

| @CJnDrama/Twitter

That being said, K-Drama fans are leaving love and support for the actor all over the internet—for the actor’s detective work to trace and find!

| theqoo
  • “Oh, geez. LOLOL.”
  • “You know what’s ACTUALLY SCARY is that none of the words in his screenshot tweets are bold. Like… He didn’t look up those tweets. It’s almost as if he captured his timeline…”
  • “Hi, Kim Bum! I love watching Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938! You’re so charming AND so incredible at acting.”
  • “We should get him his own page right now…”
  • “OMFG, this gave me goosebumps. HAHA. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to have one of my idol biases looking up tweets… PLEASE STOP. Just focus on the good stuff.”
  • “ARE YOU READING THIS, TOO, KIM BUM-SSI? You’re so good-looking. I appreciate all of your Instagram updates. Please keep starring in K-Dramas. And shoot more pictorials. GIVE US MORE!”
  • “I love you, Kim Bum.”
  • “I could use a tip or two about how to search better on Twitter, LMAO. Kim Bum, you’re such a versatile actor. I’d love to see you in more roles. You’re super hot, but I love you for your acting. LET’S GO, FANS. Let’s get him his own theqoo page!”
  • Oppa, I love you. Whenever you’re on TV, you take over my life. You’re my favorite!”
  • “I bet he’s reading these comments as we leave them, too. LMAO. Hello! I’m a huge fan!”
  • “What a cutie! Haha. Kim Bum himself requested a page. Give him one, theqoo!”
Source: theqoo
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