4th Generation K-Pop Group Becomes The First To Send Their Song Into Deep Space

The song couldn’t be more appropriate.

One of the most universal human experiences is listening to music, so it is no surprise that we have found ways to incorporate this and space travel.

BTS were the first K-Pop group to have their song played in space when “Dynamite” was transmitted to Earth from a lunar orbiter in a program involving NASA and South Korea’s state agency.

BTS’s “Dynamite” Is Slated To Make Its Interstellar Debut – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Now, a private aerospace company has announced plans for a K-Pop group’s song to go further than any has ever gone before.

Celestis, Inc., is a private company known for its memorial space flights. Normally, the flights involve sending a portion of a deceased person’s ashes into space, with the company having worked with NASA to honor those who have impacted space research in the past.

A rendering of the upcoming launch. | Celestis

On December 24, Celestis will launch its Enterprise flight from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, which has been described as “humanity’s first deep space time capsule.” The “infinite flight” is said to incorporate the DNA, cremated remains, and MindFiles of over 200 individuals, including Star Trek‘s creator Gene Roddenberry and many of the TV program’s original cast members.

| Celestis

Also included on the flight is THINK Entertainment boy group TAN‘s “Walking On The Moon.” TAN, a seven-membered boy group formed through the survival show The Wild Idol, debuted in March 2022.

TAN | THINK Entertainment

The group have shared they feel honored to have their song included in the historic mission.

It’s such an honor for our song ‘Walking on the Moon’ to be the first K-Pop song on such an historic mission. We are very delighted to be a part of this and look forward to this monumental step for mankind.


The Voyager 1 probe (which also contains music) is currently the furthest item in space sent from Earth. After its initial orbit of the moon, the Enterprise station will reach distances of up to 185 million miles from the planet.

Congratulations to TAN on their interstellar achievement!

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