4th Gen K-Pop Idol Shocks Netizens With A Steamy Make Out Session In New Vlog

Lee Jihan and TAN’s Jaejun kissed each other in bed!

City Boy Log YouTube channel recently released a vlog. In Episode 6, model Lee Jihan and TAN‘s Lee Jaejun hung out together in Okinawa.

The vlog began with a suggestive clip in darkness, with the two men’s images added to identify the voices. Groans could be heard, and one asked the other, “Are you okay? Should we go slower? I’m doing it now.” 


The video then cut to Jihan and Jaejun sneaking out for snacks and drinks. Later, they returned to their room. After drinking wine, the two decided to rest, so they both went to sit on one of the beds.


Jaejun told Jihan he was too close, stating he needed more space to sleep. Jihan retorted, “I was this close to you all day!” 


Suddenly, the vibe totally shifted. Jaejun confessed he admired how Jihan just always does whatever he wants to do, which provoked Jihan to kiss him.


Lee Jaejun: Now that I think of it. I admire that about you.

Lee Jihan: What?

Lee Jaejun: If you want to do something, you just do it.

Lee Jihan: But…I have one more thing I’d like to do.

Lee Jaejun: What?


The two separated and stared at each other for a moment before Jihan kissed Jaejun again. Jihan caressed his face before moving his hand down Jaejun’s shoulder.


Jaejun soon reciprocated, kissing Jihan back and grabbing his shirt. They passionately kissed for nearly a minute before Jihan moved his hand, stopping the camera and implying they would go further.


While the vlog only had 30,984 views at the time of writing, the clip has circulated on X (formerly Twitter), garnering 396K views at the time of writing! Netizens are shook by the unexpected make out session in the vlog. Many are saying it’s more than what we can get from most Korean BL (Boy Love) dramas.

This isn’t the first time these two shared a kiss, though. In Episode 3, they briefly kissed. This time, they had a full-on makeout session!

No one seems to understand what the City Boy Log series is entirely. Viewers describe it as a BL series with a couple’s vlog concept. Some also suggest that this might be leading up to something greater, a legit BL K-Drama.

Jihan and Jaejun do have electric chemistry! We’d definitely tune into a K-Drama starring them.

Watch the full episode below.


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