Netizens Think Comedian Tanaka-san Looks Like Actor Park Seo Joon In The Most “Annoying” Way

They look interestingly alike.

Everyone knows Park Seo Joon. Hot man, an amazing actor rock-hard abs, a great personality, and hair…

Park Seo Joon. | Marie Claire

But have you met Tanaka-san? Tanaka-san is the comedian industry’s current blue chip.

Tanaka-san. | Esquire

An alter-ego made up for comedic purposes, the real man behind the hilarious antic is Kim Kyung Wook. Although he’s 38 years old in real life, Tanaka-san is a youthful 28 years old. Tanaka-san was born in Japan and later moved to Seoul. His schtick is “Japanrean,” a mix of Japanese and Korean, similar to Konglish.

People have been noting his odd similarities to actor Park Seo Joon in terms of looks. They have similarly droopy eyes…

Park Seo Joon.

…and high nose bridges.


Oddly enough, even their face shape and lips don’t stray far from each other.

Park Seo Joon.

If Tanaka-san had shorter hair, they could be brothers.


If you’re curious about the comedian behind the act, Kim Kyung Wook actually is rather handsome and suave minus the red shaggy wig.

Kim Kyung Wook. | @namolla_f/Instagram

While they don’t look completely alike, there are definitely some similar vibes going on. Netizens phrased it perfectly when they said that the character looks like Park Seo Joon “annoyingly.

| theqoo
  • “Why do they look alike LOL”
  • “How annoying LOL”
  • “No but this is so annoying LOL I never thought of this before but… their eyes are kinda similar.”
  • “Tanaka-san is actually handsome. It’s just cuz they dressed him like that LOL. He looks like Park Seo Joon + Akanishi Jin.”

Here’s one of Tanaka-san’s most famous videos if you want to learn more about the hilarious character.

Source: theqoo
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