Tang Wei Impresses By Writing A Letter In Two Languages To IU

She made everyone cry.

Actress Tang Wei recently starred in IU’s music video for “Shh…” The music video was well-received, with both showing incredible acting. After the music video was released, IU posted photos of the letters she received from Tang Wei. She expressed how grateful she was.

These are the photos of the letter that Tang Wei sunbae sent me not long after we finished filming. I was so touched that I got her permission to share her letters. In the latter half of the MC, the scene where she hugged me was unscripted. I loved that tear-jerking moment so much. It was a shoot where I was nervous and fluttery the whole day. I will like you always.

— IU

Netizens were similarly touched by the letter. Tang Wei took the effort to write it both in her native Chinese, as well as IU’s native Korean.



Netizens were similarly touched by her efforts.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Ah… So touching.
  • So touching…
  • What the, I’m crying…
  • Ah, what a tear-jerker.
  • I read the letter and cried… So touching.
  • Why am I crying? LOL. I’m actually crying.
  • Ah, makes me cry.
  • F*ck, it makes me cry.

Source: Theqoo


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