Tao to attend solo endorsement event on the day of EXO’s repackage release

It has been announced that Tao will be attending an event for his endorsement, Chao Shen Zhan Dui, on June 3rd, the release date of EXO’s repackage album Love Me Right.

On May 28th, it was revealed that Tao will be attending the press conference for the Chinese mobile game Chao Shen Zhan Dui on June 3rd, scheduled to be held in Beijing, China. 10 fans will be selected to attend the conference to see Tao.

The news immediately generated buzz amongst the fans and general public as the date of the conference coincides with the release date of Love Me Right. Some are wondering whether Tao will be questioned by reporters in regards to EXO’s repackage album without his involvement, while others are debating whether the conference date was selected to coincide with EXO’s repackage release date on purpose.

Earlier today, it was announced that EXO will be releasing Love Me Right on June 3rd with nine members, and a teaser has been unveiled. Chinese netizens were quick to react positively to the news, while mocking Tao for his latest Instagram update.

Source: Tao’s Baidu Tieba