Tao Mentions Being A Former EXO Member In Chinese Variety Show

“Do you know EXO?”

While filming the Chinese variety show The Protectors in France, Tao (who also goes by his full name Huang Zitao) was mistaken as a member of BTS.

Tao noticed the girl looking at his Instagram and offered to take a photo with them.

The girls then proceeded to ask if he was from BTS, saying that one of their friends thought he was a member of the K-Pop group because they looked alike.

Though Tao thanked the girls, he told them he was not part of BTS. He then asked if they knew EXO and revealed to them that he was a former member of the group.

Do you know EXO? I used to be EXO member before.

One of the girls replied, “Wow.” It seems they must have heard of EXO! Tao seemed embarrassed by the situation, letting out an awkward laugh as the girls left. He then joked that when he was part of EXO, BTS was still up and coming while his former group was the ones who were very popular. He then asked the camera directors to cut this part out.

Please cut this part out. They say I look like someone from BTS… She said I look like someone from BTS! BTS was still up and coming at the time and now people are sayin gi look like BTS. Sorry to the one who thought I was a member of BTS. I don’t know who is who anymore. Who am I? Where am I? Huh?

Of course, any fan of Tao would know he meant it in good fun. Many are touched at how he still mentions EXO to this day, and fans are saying it proves how big of an impact the members of EXO had on Tao. People are glad to see him still remembering his past as a K-Pop idol!