Tao’s 8-figure earning from Chinese mobile game endorsement impresses

The local media has unveiled Tao‘s earnings for endorsing Chinese mobile game “Chao Shen Zhan Dui” following his appearance at the recent official press conference on June 3rd in Beijing.

According to the Chinese media, Tao was all smiles at the press conference for the smartphone game and seemed to have no trouble with his injured leg, seemingly having fully recovered after traveling to America earlier to receive treatment.

What was the most eye-catching in these reports was the amount Tao has earned from his endorsement of the game.

For his first solo endorsement venture, the EXO member has been guaranteed an eight-figure payment of 10 million yuan, or 1.7 billion won / $1,612,058 USD.

Currently, Tao is inactive in EXO promotions as he continues to negotiate with SM Entertainment regarding his contract. Tao is still regarded as an EXO member by SM Entertainment in a recent statement.

Source: TV Report