2nd Generation Girl Group Members Shock Fans By Looking Exactly The Same As They Did 14 Years Ago

They were once the queens of K-Pop.

T-ARA was one of the most famous girl groups of their time. Every song they released turned into a huge hit. From “Lovey Dovey,” to “Roly Poly,” “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and more, the girls were known for their addictive beats and beautiful members.

Fans loved leader Hahm Eunjung and maknae Jiyeon. They were two of the members to foray into acting, and were both known for their visuals. Eunjung acted in various K-Dramas including Death Bell and Dream High. She was dubbed the top acting idol during her time.

Eunjung in Dream High.

On the other hand, Jiyeon was known for her perfect visuals, which are still highly raved about to this day. She acted in Dream High 2, Master Of Study, and more.

Jiyeon in Dream High 2.

As the group’s 14th anniversary approaches, Jiyeon and Eunjung got together for an Instagram live broadcast. Fans were amazed to see how the girls did not seem to age.

With the yellow filter that Jiyeon was using, it made it seem even more like a blast from the past. Netizens were blown away by their unchanging beauty.

| Nate Pann
  • What the? They look f*cking the same now, as they did during their active idol days. In the moment, I thought that someone was trolling by bringing back their past videos. Eunjung and Jiyeon f*cking look like they did back then.
  • They really didn’t age. The screencap quality is also so bad, that I thought it was a pic from the past. I’m shocked it’s just from days back.
  • I really liked T-ARA when I was in school. They were a never-before-seen, and probably won’t ever be followed, group that had songs which were powerful, high-quality, appealed to the public, and were unique. It’s such a pity that they went downhill over something so ridiculous.
  • They’re the same.
  • Damn, when you look at the picture in passing, you’d think it’s just a pic from the past of T-ARA.
  • I’m getting goosebumps. In the moment I thought that it was a pic from the past, but you’re saying this is their whereabouts?

The girls truly didn’t age! Jiyeon is now married to a baseball athlete, while Eunjung is leading a happy life as an actress.

Source: Nate Pann