Target Couldn’t Contain Their Excitement For BTS’s Comeback And Hinted At Something Special To Come

It looks like Target might have something up their sleeves.

Retailer Target shared a link to order BTS‘s newest album MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA. Yet, the tweets that followed showed just how excited they were for BTS’s release.

They started off with hinting at something yet to be revealed that they had in the works.

Then, they inserted a Jin pun to explain their need to have BTS’s new album.

Of course they couldn’t miss the chance to joke about Suga.

They even share a hope of sticking to a list, maybe implying that ARMYs may receive what they want.

They couldn’t help sharing their love for RM, so much so that there was no pun to be found. Just a simple statement.

Referring to a throwback, Target claimed that Jimin did indeed have jams.

The puns came to an end with how very excited they were, as if that wasn’t obvious enough.

No one can blame Target for showing their excitement. But, they seem to have something BTS-related coming soon. Any guesses on what it could be? Maybe something special included in the albums?


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