“Taste Of Wife” Will Abruptly Conclude This Season In Midst Of Ham So Won’s Lying Controversy

The backlash was too much to handle.

The third season of TV Chosun‘s Taste of Wife will end abruptly due to the ongoing controversies of Ham So Won‘s fabrications.

Ham So Won and Jin Hua on “Taste of Wife” | TV Chosun

The variety program became embroiled in a controversy when viewers alleged that Ham So Won and her husband, Jin Hua lied about their lives. They claimed that the couple’s home was available as a vacation rental on Airbnb, which caused confusion amongst the viewers. They also claimed that Ham So Won pretended to be an aunt when her mother-in-law called, also further creating confusion.

Ham So Won and Jin Hua’s villa | TV Chosun

As the backlash grew, Ham So Won took to her Instagram page to acknowledge all the fabrication accusations and apologize to her fans. She confessed that, “everything is true, but I can’t share anything further with you all. I apologize for my wrongdoings. I won’t give excuses, I was in the wrong.” It was during her Instagram apology that she shared her and Jin Hua’s departure from the program.

| @ham_so1/Instagram

A few days later, TV Chosun representatives stepped forward with their official statement on the situation.

We have decided to end this season of ‘Taste of Wife’ after receiving the comments and criticisms from our viewers. We humbly accept them all. We apologize for creating concern for the viewers who loved watching ‘Taste of Wife.’ We convey our apologies.

— TV Chosun representative

| Korea JoongAng Daily

While the representatives elaborated that they fact checked the celebrities before casting them for the program, they respected the privacies of the stars and certain elements were left untouched. It’s been further reported that the episodes featuring the fabricated portions have been removed from all streaming services.

The last episode of this season of Taste of Wife will air on April 13.

Source: WikiTree