Taiwanese Taxi Company Responds To BTS’ Car Accident

The company has been receiving praise.

BTS was recently involved in a car accident following one of their concerts for the Love Yourself tour in Taiwan, which many believed to be caused by sasaeng fans who were following their cars.

BTS Involved In Car Accident After Sasaengs Followed Them, Luckily There Were No Injuries


In response, the taxi service has shared a post with an explanation as well as a few videos taken from inside the taxis.


The company, which is an organized taxi service dedicated to following celebrities around in Taiwan, began by emphasizing that they stress safety above anything else.

“1. We’ve always put safety above everything else when following celebrities, regardless of whether they are from Japan, Korea, Thailand, or Mainland China. No matter how many vehicles the celebrities have, we try our best to form a single line. If they have their turn signal on, we always yield the way to them. If necessary, we even block other vehicles for them so that their vehicles can stay together.”



They also gave a brief explanation of how their system works, stating that not all taxis closely follow the celebrities’ cars.

“2. Also~ Our team keeps in touch with each other, so not all of our vehicles need to be beside or behind (the celebrities’ vehicles). As long as one of our vehicles has kept up, the teammates that fell behind will receive information about the road conditions and positions from the one that has kept up (with the celebrities).”



In regard to BTS’ car accident, the company stated that it was caused due to the fact that BTS’ six vehicles were following other vehicles too closely.

3. The cause of this incident is because the 6 celebrity vehicles all followed other vehicles very closely. Also, aside from us who will yield the way as long as they have their turn signal on, who in the general public would want to yield the way? There are certain road rights in Taiwan too, it’s not like you have gotten a Super Mario star by having the turn signal on. Not to mention, on the road to Taipei where there is a traffic jam, the general public lined up one by one – who would want to yield the way to vehicles trying to force their way into the lanes? There were several celebrity vehicles trying to force their way at the same time, the speed was too fast and the distance between cars was too short. Not everyone’s reaction time is quick enough to brake fast enough.”



Finally, they explained that the taxi which collided with BTS’ vehicles was not there to follow the artists as many have thought.

“4. In regards to the last of the celebrities’ vehicle being hit by the taxi, the taxi was carrying a normal passenger and lined up with other vehicles on the way to Taipei. The sign on the roof of the taxi indicates that it’s from the Taoyuan taxi team and was there coincidently, not there to follow the artists. Social justice warriors, don’t get so excited just because you saw yellow (note: taxis in Taiwan are yellow) – there is video evidence in regards to this incident

5. When the incident occurred, our team all stopped in front of the celebrities’ vehicles, because we know that the police must be called to handle this type of incident. As they are commercial cars for rent, they have insurance, and they must call the police to get the insurance. So, the artists, bodyguards, and several staff members from the two celebrities vehicles that hit each other and the one celebrities vehicle that tried forcing their way into another lane and got hit by a taxi, changed to the three celebrities vehicles that weren’t involved and went about their way towards their hotel, and we also left to go to the hotel.”



The explanation was followed by three clips taken from the inside of the taxis.


Meanwhile, many have been praising the taxi company for prioritizing safety and for keeping the artists safe.

  • “You guys are like a protection squad. not chasing the vehicles and not following them closely, keeping a good distance, protecting the safety of the artists and fans. giving you guys a big like.”
  • “I was thinking there is no way it was you guys. every time you guys act like bodyguards, how would you guys hit the artists’ vehicles!”
  • “There are so many people who jumped to a conclusion after seeing yellow. the promoter even said the one involved wasn’t a car that was following (BTS), but there are still so many people getting angry without knowing the incident entirely. even if it was a car that was following BTS, they’re not even from your fandom, the fans get upset so easily.”


Source: Facebook