THE BOYZ’s Juyeon Proves To Be Best Boy As He Comforts A Crying Fan After A Videocall Fansign Mishap

“The staff said, ‘no, you had the call, right hehe’ while laughing through their nose.”

THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon proved that he was indeed the best boy during a recent videocall fansign. A fan that goes by @__wanjunim__ shared her story online.

THE BOYZ had a jam-packed schedule that day, with a series of videocall fansigns to complete, followed by a face-to-face fansign offline. @__wanjunim__ had won a videocall and was waiting for her turn. However, due to some technical issues where her call kept getting cut off, she assumed her turn would then be shifted to the last turn, as per fansign protocol. Normally, if one experiences such issues, other fans will proceed with their turns first and you would be shifted to the last slot. Little did she know that this was only the beginning of her problems.

Yesterday, the staff called me and I was waiting for my turn for the videocall. But suddenly, the call cut off and soon after, another call came so I was just waiting. But even that call suddenly cut off so I was like, what the??? but thought that they would call me again at the last turn. So I sent a message to ask if I had been shifted to the last turn and was just waiting. But no call came so I sent a few messages and finally it was the time for the boys to attend the face-to-face fanmeeting. But suddenly the staff called me and I told them I didn’t get to have my videocall but the staff said, “no, you had the call, right hehe” while laughing through their nose. No matter how much I explained it, they kept saying “you did hehe” and suddenly the call cut off. But I had recorded videos of the entire thing and so I said that I had evidence I didn’t have a call and I sent it all over to them, asking them to check it. After they checked it, the staff told me sorry and asked if I could wait a little while. Then they only responded through text so I just kept waiting until the face-to-face fansign was over, without even knowing if I could get my videocall. Finally, they said I could do my videocall after the face-to-face fansign, but I was very angry and felt that it was so unfair, and also I felt so sorry to make Juyeon oppa not be able to get off work just to have a videocall with me when he must be tired.

— @__wanjunim__/Twitter

We totally understand how she felt! The feeling of wanting to have your rightful time with your idol, but also not wanting them to be tired… Luckily for her, Juyeon was completely understanding of the situation and even comforted her when he saw her cry.

I stopped crying before the videocall but the moment I saw Juyeon oppa’s face, my heart unclenched and I cried. He said warm words to me so I cried even more haha. That’s the gist of my video!! After the videocall, I received an apology from the staff and I’m fine now because if I continue to be angry, then oppa giving me the videocall becomes for naught!! Although I’m so embarrassed that I cried so much, I hope people know how good of a person he is.

— @__wanjunim__/Twitter

He even made the effort to speak some Japanese for her as she hails from Japan.

  • Fan: I’m so sorry oppa.
  • Juyeon: Why are you sorry?
  • Fan: No… I’m sorry. You must be tired.
  • Juyeon: No, you did nothing wrong. […] I’m sorry, don’t cry.
  • Fan: I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you.
  • Juyeon: No, don’t cry, don’t cry. […]
  • Fan: I don’t think I’ll be able to tell you today what I had originally prepared.
  • Juyeon: Why not?
  • Fan: No I’ll tell you on Sunday. I’ll be at that fansign too.
  • Juyeon: Where are you?
  • Fan: I’m at home.
  • Juyeon: Home? What were you doing?
  • Fan: Nothing, I was just waiting.
  • Juyeon: I’m sorry.
  • Fan: No why are you sorry?
  • Juyeon: Don’t cry.
  • Fan: No I’m sorry cuz I cried.
  • Juyeon: Do you have anything you want to say?
  • Fan: Me? To You?

It seems like the event ended on a good note and @__wanjunim__ also received an apology from the staff for the misunderstanding. She also got to see him again just a few days later at a different videocall fansign.

Small things from an idol can really make someone’s day! We’re glad @__wanjunim__ got the moment that they deserved.

Source: theqoo