THE BOYZ’s Kevin Receives Praise For Comments Linking “Barbie” To Female Empowerment

He’s written by a woman for sure.

THE BOYZ’s Kevin is known for his positive attitude towards sexuality, feminism, and more. He loves discussing movies and their impact on the public. He once praised the movie Mulan for its feminism.

Recently, on July 20, 2023, he talked about the upcoming movie, Barbie. Although he had once believed that Barbie’s brand was detrimental to young girls all over the world, thinking that it reinforced strict beauty standards and more, he changed his mind after learning about its origins.

Kevin’s message to fans. | @cab_in_kev/Twitter
  • I learnt this from fans on the fan cafe.
  • Before the creation of Barbie, young girls only had dolls of babies to play with.
  • They naturally then were influenced to have the role of a mother who takes care of babies, since young.
  • On the other hand, Barbie is against marriage, and she has her own house, and many different jobs.
  • Female empowerment.

When netizens learnt of his Canadian nationality, they were convinced that it influenced his mindset. They praised his upbringing and way of thought.

Netizens’ reactions. | theqoo
  • I knew it. If their upbringing is different, so will the children be.
  • Wonder which group he’s in… oh, sorry, THE BOYZ!
  • Wow, I just found out about this too.
  • Wow, fascinating.
  • His mindest is so healthy.
  • Kevin is good at his job, and he’s also a really good person.

We love to see men support women’s rights!

Source: Theqoo