THE BOYZ’s Younghoon Gets Praised For Speaking Out In Support For The Korean Olympics Team

His words came at a sore point for many Koreans.

THE BOYZ‘s Younghoon was recently praised after his words floated their way onto the radar of the Korean public. With the recent uproar over the allegedly unjust rulings at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Younghoon’s word of support for the Korean team was praised.

Younghoon sent a caring message through Dear. U Bubble.

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I too, was angry and sad, to see the longtime efforts of the athletes crumble in just an instant. I know better than anyone, just how much they must’ve worked hard in those 4 years. It is my hope that in the future, only fair results will come out. Hwaiting to the national athletes at the Olympics.

— Younghoon

Many praised him for using his influence and platform to speak out about the recent issue.

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  • “It’s really such a good impression when idols upload such things. I can’t believe that the disqualification will be left as a mark on the history of the short-track without anything to chew on.”
  • “He’s so kind…”
  • “What will he do when the Chinese go crazy… Those Chinese even went for BTS, who’s a wall, like that.. Younghoon spoke out so clearly, they might be even more offensive towards him…”
  • “I don’t know him well but you can feel his kindness from his speech.”
  • “I don’t know TBZ but Younghoon gives me a good impression.”

Previously, BTS‘s RM showed his support for the Korean short-track team as well, only to be met with hate comments.

As for what had happened at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to ruffle Koreans’ feathers, they were duly upset at the results and have been criticizing the alleged unfair play of the Chinese team. A replay of the match involving a Korean and Chinese speed skater seemingly showed the Chinese skater pushing the Korean skater on the knee to seemingly slow him down.

Amongst other incidents was a Korean athlete getting injured as well as other allegedly unfair rulings. More about the matter can be read below.

South Koreans Outraged At The Chinese Short-Track Speed Skating Team Over Alleged “Cheating” And “Biased Judging” For Gold Medal

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