TC Candler Explains Why Suzy & Red Velvet’s Irene Were Missing From “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces Of 2020” Ranking

But fans aren’t happy with TC Candler’s response.

TC Candler recently released its well-known “100 Most Beautiful Faces” ranking for 2020, which featured a total of 24 female K-Pop idols. However, two popular visuals were notably missing from the list: actress and soloist Suzy and Red Velvet‘s Irene. Now, TC Candler has explained why neither appeared on this year’s ranking—but fans aren’t happy with their response.

Suzy has appeared on the TC Candler “100 Most Beautiful Faces” ranking seven times, peaking at 11th place in 2014. Last year, she was ranked the 60th most beautiful face in the world.

However, this year, she was absent from the list completely, despite maintaining a position around the middle of the ranking for the past several years.

Fans were also shocked to see Red Velvet’s Irene missing from the ranking. Last year, Irene made the ranking for the 4th time, reaching 51st place.

| Damiani

Her highest position was 41st place back in 2018, and many were expecting her to reach a similar position this year.

One fan took to the comments of TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020” announcement video on YouTube to express how surprised they were to see both Suzy and Irene missing from the ranking.

| TC Candler/YouTube

I’m actually shocked Irene is no longer on the list, and Bae Suzy…

­— fail_lip/YouTube

The comment quickly accumulated hundreds of likes, prompting TC Candler to respond with a comment of their own. However, fans weren’t happy with the company’s reasoning behind their absence.

First, TC Candler’s official YouTube account responded that “Suzy has been on for so many years“, implying that she was removed from this year’s ranking because of her frequent appearances.

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However, several celebrities on the 2020 ranking have appeared on the list more times than Suzy. Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, for example, is considered part of TC Candler Hall of Fame after appearing on the ranking for the 9th time this year. British actress and model Kate Beckinsale, meanwhile, has been featured on the list a staggering 22 times.

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As for Irene, TC Candler went on to say that “Irene probably needs a little time away from the spotlight“, referring to the singer’s recent controversy in which a stylist accused her of power abuse. TC Candler explained, “We thought we would respect her privacy during this time of reflection for her“.

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That said, Irene’s controversy occurred over two months ago, and she has already appeared in the public eye through photoshoots since the incident. Irene is also confirmed to appear at SM Entertainment’s upcoming SMTOWN Live Culture Humanity concert with the rest of Red Velvet in three days.

TC Candler’s full response to the confusion is as follows:

Given the discrepancies, many fans say TC Candler’s reasons for removing Suzy and Irene from the final ranking are nonsensical at best and disrespectful at worst.

One fan alleged that Irene’s rank was also manipulated back in 2017, when she received the most likes and votes in TC Candler’s survey but ranked lower than expected on the list.

The development comes after TC Candler became embroiled in their controversy over a disrespectful caption on BLACKPINK Jisoo’s announcement image.

BLACKPINK Fans Demand Apology From TC Candler For Disrespecting Jisoo On “100 Most Beautiful Faces Of 2020”

Source: TC Candler (YouTube)
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