&TEAM’s “FIREWORK” Choreographers Under Fire For Allegedly Plagiarizing SEVENTEEN’s Choreography

A video comparing the two groups’ choreography went viral.

HYBE LABELS JAPAN’s first global group &TEAM recently released their second mini album, First Howling: WE, and announced at their media showcase that they’re preparing to promote in Korea for the first time since their December 2022 debut.

&TEAM | @andTEAMofficial/Twitter

The members are currently promoting their new songs, including the title track, “FIREWORK,” and are earning attention for their creative and dynamic choreography and strong performance skills for a rookie group, which was formed through the idol competition program &AUDITION- The Howling.

Netizens quickly noticed, however, that the choreography for “FIREWORK” strongly resembled choreography from SEVENTEEN‘s songs.

One netizen compiled the moments in question and played SEVENTEEN’s and &TEAM’s choreography back-to-back for comparison.

Lee Ga Hun, who has worked with HYBE Labels artists before as a choreographer and performance director, was credited as the main choreographer for “FIREWORK.”

The fact that the main choreographer has worked with HYBE Labels artists in the past added frustration for fans, who wanted to see credit given to SEVENTEEN and their creative team, who have worked together to create the choreography for many of SEVENTEEN’s songs.

As the video comparing the choreography gained more views, hashtags calling for recognition began to trend on Twitter.

CARATs, SEVENTEEN’s fans, continue to voice their frustration toward &TEAM’s choreography team for the lack of credit for SEVENTEEN and their creative team, and ask that credit be given for the strong similarities in choreography.

There has been no official response to the plagiarism allegations from the “FIREWORK” choreography team at this time.