Teazen Donates 50 Million Won After BTS’s Jungkook Increases Kombucha Sales

The power he holds.

BTS’s Jungkook, who recently drank Kombucha on a live broadcast with fans, increased Tea Company TEAZEN’s sales by 500%.


After seeing the rise in sales, TEAZEN thanked Jungkook through social media for the mention and revealed that they sold out of a months’ supply in just three days.

Jungkook, who later held another live stream, revealed that he couldn’t purchase any more kombucha because ARMY sold out all the kombucha.


TEAZEN later left a post on Twitter stating that they would have 200 boxes ready for Jungkook whenever he needed it.

Most recently, TEAZEN revealed that they had donated 50 million won (~$44K USD) to the Miral Welfare Foundation to return the profit to society for the disadvantaged in employment due to COVID-19.


Head of the Milal Welfare Foundation Kim In Jong revealed, “We are deeply grateful for bringing hope to those who are waiting for the opportunity to work.”

Of course we know this isn’t the first time Jungkook has sold out a product! Jungkook, who is aware of his influence, thanked ARMYs for helping other businesses during these tough times.

Source: mhns