TEEN TOP, U-KISS And T-ARA Could Be Appearing All Together On The Same Show

Old K-Pop is being pushed back into the spotlight.

Veteran K-Pop fans rejoice! Your middle school faves may be reuniting thanks to MMTG, a YouTube channel that is popular for their “Songs You Listen To Secretly” segment. The segment has featured many songs, including TEEN TOP‘s “No More Perfume On You” as well as U-KISS‘s “Shut Up!!”, with the MC Jae Jae bringing in the groups’ members to discuss the song as well.

After it was concluded that the segment was doing particularly well, MMTG decided to host a “Songs You Listen To Secretly” Concert special, as celebration for the YouTube show’s entry into public broadcast as part of a Chuseok special.

| NH Media 

The lineup is teased to include a few famous “embarrassing but catchy” songs, including Narsha‘s “bbi ri bba bba”, TEEN TOP’s “No More Perfume On You”, U-KISS’s “Shut Up!!” and T-ARA‘s “Sexy Love”. The concert will see the reuniting of these famous 2nd to 3rd generation idol groups, much to the welcome of longtime fans. The last member of the lineup has yet to be revealed.

It will also feature the creators of these songs, including lyricist Kim Eana and choreographer, Bae Yoon Jung. The special will be aired on the 2nd of October at 11pm KST and 12.30pm KST on the 3rd of October 2020, on SBS TV.

Source: Kuki News