TEEN TOP’s Niel responds to Park Myung Soo’s love call

TEEN TOP’s Niel talks about a possible collaboration with Park Myung Soo after he was approached with an offer. 

As TEEN TOP celebrated the launch of Natural Born TEEN TOP in Seoul today,  Niel expressed his delight to return as a group after nine months.

Furthermore, he also revealed that he received an offer to collaborate from Park Myung Soo following the release of his first solo album. He stated, “I was approached by Park Myung Soo. I went on his radio show yesterday and we exchanged contact information.” 

Publicly, he confirmed that he will be happy to work on a collaboration with Park Myung Soo if they can match their schedules after TEEN TOP’s promotions.

TEEN TOP is currently busy promoting their latest comeback track, “ah-ah.”

Source: AsiaToday