Teenage Korean Drags His Girlfriend Around Repeatedly Beating Her

Boyfriend is caught on CCTV pulling his beaten, stripped, and unconscious girlfriend by the arm.

A 19-year-old teenager in Busan was arrested for raping, beating, and assaulting his girlfriend with whom he had been in a relationship with for 3 months. The arrest came shortly after a neighbor heard the 19-year-old girlfriend screaming from the hallway of the villa he lived at.

The girlfriend revealed that her boyfriend frequently raped and beat her on multiple occasions. He would often beat her then lock her up in his apartment, allowing her to only be free when she needed to go to school. Things only worsened when she tried to break up with him over text while she was at school.

After he received the text, the boyfriend stripped her of her clothes and repeatedly punched her in the face until she blacked out. The CCTV of the villa’s elevator recorded the moment when the boyfriend dragged around her unconscious body on the floor, pulling her by her arm.

When the police arrived, the boyfriend refused to open the door. An hour later, the police forcefully opened the door and arrested the boyfriend. They have begun investigating into the extent of his crimes and will be charging him with assault after all of the information has been collected.

Source: Nate News and Nocut News
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