Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of The “I-LAND” Reunion Between TEMPEST’s Hanbin And ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon On “Music Bank”

Both idols’ hard work has paid off!

Back in 2020, Mnet aired their show I-LAND, which followed 23 young and aspiring K-Pop idols who were battling for a chance to be part of HYBE’s newest boy group. In the end, only seven were chosen and they eventually debuted as ENHYPEN.

Although these seven were chosen, many contestants gained a lot of love and attention from fans. One of those was Hanbin

Hanbin on “I-LAND” | Mnet

He was extremely popular despite not making the final lineup. After the show, he decided to leave BELIFT LAB and join Yuehua Entertainment.

| @TPST_twt/ Twitter

Recently, fans were so excited when it was announced that Hanbin was going to debut in the group TEMPEST. The group recently debuted with the track “Bad News,” and netizens fell in love with all the members and were so excited to see Hanbin finally debut.

The members of TEMPEST | @TPST_twt/ Twitter

On March 4, the group had their first performance on the well-loved music show Music Bank. As expected, the members showcased their talent, and it was an exciting time for fans of the members.

| KBS Kpop/ YouTube
| KBS Kpop/ YouTube 

Of course, it is well-known that one of the hosts of Music Bank is none other than ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon, who was obviously with Hanbin on I-LAND.

Even before the performance, netizens were anticipating an interaction between the two idols.

As all debuting groups do, TEMPEST had an interview on the show before their performance, and it meant an interaction between Hanbin and Sunghoon that fans couldn’t get enough of.

During the interview, Sunghoon asked Hanbin a question, and it seemed neither could hide their pride at seeing each other on one of the biggest music shows in Korea.

| KBS Kpop/ YouTube
| KBS Kpop/ YouTube 

Even after the interview when the cameras stopped airing, the two immediately started talking to each other as the rest of the idols moved off the set.

| KBS Kpop/ YouTube  

Although it was a short interaction, social media went crazy for this “I-LAND reunion.” Many shared how happy they were that both idols have managed to debut and just how far they’ve come since 2020.

It isn’t surprising that fans were so soft. Every contestant on I-LAND has gone through a huge journey and worked hard, and it’s amazing to see them all succeeding in their own ways. As both idols are only really at the start of their careers, it will be exciting to see them continue to grow. Hopefully, it will be the first of many interactions between Hanbin and the ENHYPEN members.

You can read more about Hanbin’s journey after the show below.

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Source: KBS Kpop