Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Is A Successful Fan As She Meets BTS’s Suga

She has been ARMY for years!

Olympic Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka proved to be a successful fan as she met BTS‘s Suga.

Naomi Osaka | @naomiosaka/Instagram

BTS’s Suga | @NBAKICKS/Twitter

Naomi Osaka has kept it no secret that she’s a K-Pop fan. In a 2019 interview, she revealed her journey into the fandom.

I got into BIGBANG and 2NE1, especially CL. I don’t know the year, sort of like when ‘Crush’ and stuff came out. And then I just saw BTS doing a lot of related stuff, so I was like, ‘Who are these kids?’ Then I slowly started getting into them during the ‘I Need U’ era.

— Naomi Osaka

She especially is a member of the BTS ARMY!

Eagle-eyed fans noticed back in 2019 that she had liked several BTS tweets. Some speculated that RM might even be her bias

In 2019, Osaka even tweeted her love for BTS’s track “Make It Right,” the first song they released co-written with Ed Sheeran. She said it was her favorite song from their album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA.

Osaka has even attended BTS concerts. She shared a video on Instagram from PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE in Los Angeles.

She also confessed in 2020 that she used to have a stan account on Instagram! Based on the account’s name, she clearly likes J-Hope, so maybe she’s rap-line biased.

If that’s the case, Naomi Osaka is literally winning at life!

Currently, Suga is in Japan for the Golden States Warriors match against the Washington Wizards at the NBA Japan Games. Yesterday, he met the Warriors team.

Today, he attended the first game, sitting courtside. He’s not the only one sitting courtside, though. Osaka was as well.

So, she was able to meet Suga at the game. Osaka can be heard mentioning BTS’s song “Autumn Leaves” (also known as “Dead Leaves”), which he produced.

Fellow ARMYs couldn’t be more proud of her! She represents the fandom so well.

Later, Osaka tweeted a photo from her meeting with Suga. She confirmed what she told him and explained why.

She also shared that she was listening to “Autumn Leaves” on her Instagram Stories.

We love to see a successful fan!

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