Dream Becomes Reality: Thai Actor PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn Is The Most Successful Fanboy Of GOT7’s Jackson Wang

PP Krit manifested this!

Famous Thai actor, model, and singer KritPPAmnuaydechkorn is the most successful fanboy after meeting GOT7‘s Jackson Wang!

PP Krit
GOT7’s Jackson Wang

PP Krit is best known for coming-of-age BL (Boy Love) dramas such as I Told Sunset About You and its second season, I Promised You the Moon.

Still from “I Told Sunset About You.”

He is also a total fanboy! Earlier this year, he went viral for including Jackson in his graduation from the Faculty of Economics at Kasetsart University, majoring in entrepreneurial economics (international program).

At the event, there were several standees of famous K-Pop idols, including his ult biases. Jackson especially caught PP Krit’s attention, and he posed for pictures with him.

The Thai celebrity even tried to take the standee home with him, but the security guard wouldn’t allow it!

While PP Krit was low-key bummed that the guard kept taking the Jackson standee away each time, it’s okay now… Because PP Krit has the real deal!

Jackson has officially kicked off his first-ever solo world tour, 2022-2023 Magic Man World Tour, with sold-out concerts in Bangkok, Thailand, at Impact Arena. He performed there on Friday, November 25, Saturday, November 26, and Sunday, November 27.

Of course, PP Krit wouldn’t miss it! Yet, not only did he finally see his idol in person, but he met Jackson and took a couple of super cute pictures.

It appears that the two were introduced by PP Krit’s co-star “Billkin” Putthipong Assaratanakul. Lucky fanboy PP Krit even got a hug!

Some videos show that PP Krit also attended Jackson’s after-party. It’s totally giving fan fiction!

After their meeting, Jackson also showed his support by sharing the promotional image for PP Krit’s song “FIRE BOY.” If that wasn’t enough, Jackson added heart and kiss emojis!

| @pp.kritt/Instagram

Fans are so happy for PP Krit, knowing what a fan he is of Jackson’s. It’s like he manifested this!

Jackson is truly making his fans’ dreams come true. Read more below.

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