BLINKs Demand An Apology After Thai Media Outlet “Unnecessarily” Mentions BLACKPINK’s Jennie

#ApologizeToJennie trended worldwide!

BLACKPINK fans have recently trended #ApologizeToJennie after a Thai news outlet used Jennie in a tweet about fellow member Lisa.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

Earlier in the week, it was announced by the CEO of BVLGARI that  Lisa would not be participating in the brand’s events in Milano this year. After the news was shared, many fans expressed their outrage on the issue, and media outlets released information on the topic.

In particular, one Thai outlet called The Thai Enquirer posted an article about the issue. However, after sending a tweet out about the article, the publication also included a hashtag of Jennie’s name.

For many, as the topic was surrounding Lisa alone, many wondered why Jennie was tagged. They believed that it would have been more acceptable if all of the members had been tagged, but it seemed unnecessary and rude as it was just Jennie.

After BLINKs saw this, they went on social media to demand an apology and to get the tweet taken down.

Although the Thai outlet had since edited the tweet, BLINKs have voiced their opinion of wanting an apology. Yet, after contacting them, many explained that they did not seem willing to do either to start but edited the tweet due to pressure.

In particular, others have shared tweets from one of the newspaper’s correspondents Sir Cod Satrusayang since the hashtag #ApologizeToJennie trended that they believe portrayed his real stance on the issue. Although some have since been deleted, many fans had screenshots.

Other tweets are still available and are being tweeted, even after the initial post was edited.

The issue also raised concerns from BLINKs about YG Entertainment’s ability to protect its artists. In the past, fans have voiced their opinions on how the company has dealt with malicious behavior. They have been criticized for not protecting Jennie and other BLACKPINK members in the past.

Many fans want an apology from the outlet and a promise from YG that they will try to protect their artists from malicious comments. You can read more about the topic of YG Entertainment protecting their artists below.

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