Korean Fan Blasts “Violent” Security Guards At THE BOYZ’s Fan Concert In Japan With Shocking Pictures

Now, some K-Pop fans are wondering if it had been some form of a hate crime.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

On January 21 (JST), THE BOYZ wrapped up a successful first night of their two-night fan concert, “THE BOYZ FAN CON:THE B-ROAD IN JAPAN” in Japan.

THE BOYZ in Japan | @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter

Following the much-awaited concert, however, one Korean fan @mmmtakita took to Twitter and blasted the local security guards at the venue for getting extremely violent with them.

Picture is for illustrative purposes only. | Pilgrim Security

The fan photographed strands of their hair, commenting that the security guards had “ripped them out” while dragging them away.

Those lunatics grabbed me by my hair and dragged me with them. Look at all the hair I lost. HA.

— @mmmtakita/Twitter

The fan also posted photos of their cellphone with the screen smashed and their arms bruised in multiple spots.

Wow… I wasn’t taking any pictures. Yet the guards still took my phone and proceeded to step all over it. Is that acceptable? My phone screen’s all cracked. Who’s going to compensate for this? LOL?

— @mmmtakita/Twittter

Accusing the guards of being “borderline thugs,” the fan complained that there was no real reason behind the actions taken…

Two men ganging up on a girl for what? My arms feel shattered… What kind of security guards were they? They were borderline thugs.

— @mmmtakita/Twitter

…though a different tweet could suggest that some photos might have been taken against the rules.

I had to have a long talk with the guards. But, dear guards, how come I got treated like sh*t when there were other Japanese fans taking pictures, too?

— @mmmtakita/Twitter

Online communities, like theqoo, soon trended the string of tweets coming from THE BOYZ fan; And while K-Pop fans in general acknowledged that photography rule breakers can and do get removed from venues all the time, most agreed that the level of violence this particular fan received is unacceptable. Some even believe it to be a form of hate crime, considering the fan was a Korean person in Japan.

| theqoo
  • “This is over the line.”
  • “[The Japanese guards] tend to be like that toward Korean fans. Losers.”
  • “Isn’t this physical assault, basically?”
  • “Sue them. What the f*ck?”
  • “This could probably be reported as assault.”
  • “Sue them! I can’t believe the guards got this violent.”
  • “OMFG? Look at the hair and the bruises… Who do they think they are? Or are they actually thugs?”
  • “This is insane. This is actual physical assault. And who’s going to pay for that cellphone?”
  • “Hate crime against Korea, again?”
  • “WTF?”

While there is a bit of demand for THE BOYZ’s management to apologize and stop outsourcing guards from the same business, neither IST Entertainment nor Sony Music (THE BOYZ’s distributor in Japan) has made comments on the matter.

| @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter
Source: theqoo

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