THE BOYZ’s Juyeon Gets Hit On By Passers-By In Paris — Here’s How He Reacted

He did the kindest thing ever.

THE BOYZ’s Juyeon is known for his incredible beauty. As the visual of the group, it comes as no surprise that his looks can charm anyone in the world! It even worked to his favor in Paris.

On September 3, 2023, a European girl posted a story about her encounter with Juyeon in the city of love. She was walking around Paris with her friend, visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. They also visited Montmartre and its famed church.

| @roman_sahyu/Instagram

It was here that they ran into Juyeon. He was resting against the railing. As she excitedly turns to her friend, another “handsome boy” came to accompany Juyeon. It was his manager. Both girls approached the boys to ask them for their Instagram.

The girls decided to “take courage in both hands” to talk to the boys. Sadly, they were rejected as the boys politely told the girls no. The girls said their goodbyes to the men, thinking that they must be attached instead.

The Basilica. | @mlissamichelon1/Twitter

But as fate would have it, both pairs were going in the same way. The girls tried to walk ahead of Juyeon and his manager, so as to avoid being misunderstood as stalkers. As they continue their tour of the Basilica, they coincidentally ran into Juyeon again.

It was here that Juyeon offers his Instagram to the girls. He showed them THE BOYZ’s official account, and even graciously took selfies with the girls. He asked them not to post the photos until later on, to avoid attracting a crowd. After sharing a few words about THE BOYZ, the girls parted from Juyeon.

Juyeon and the fan. | @mlissamichelon1/Twitter

The girls moved to the side to look up their itinerary, but was approached by Juyeon once more. This time, he was holding cups of granita, a frozen slushie drink.

| @mlissamichelon1/Twitter

He gave the girls a cup each, and the group chatted for awhile about THE BOYZ and more.

You can read more about the chance encounter below.


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