THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Absence During Music Show Due To Neck Pains

He was sent to the hospital before the show.

THE BOYZ has only just made their comeback on 21 September with a brand new song, but it looks like a wrench has been thrown in their plans. Member Sunwoo had not participated in the first music show stage for the comeback, due to sudden neck pains that he has experienced.

According to an official announcement made on THE BOYZ’s Twitter account, Sunwoo is experiencing sudden pains near the neck or throat area, and hence has been sent to the hospital. He is undergoing treatment. The company also further stated that medical professionals have ordered him to rest, and he would be unable to participate in MCOUNTDOWN on 24 September 2020.

| Creker Entertainment

Fans had noticed his absence during today’s MCOUNTDOWN music show and wished him all the best in recovery. Although Sunwoo has taken the day off, it is unknown if he will be able to participate in the rest of the music show schedules this weekend. THE BOYZ is scheduled to appear on Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo in the next three subsequent days.

While waiting for further statements from the company, in the meantime, check out their latest music video for “THE STEALER” below.

Source: Star Today