THE BOYZ’s Eric Gains Attention For His Impeccable Manners Towards A Fan Who Invaded His Privacy

Killing with kindness.

Idols often get photographed or videoed in the airport. Unlike other private spaces, the airport is often classified as public. Sometimes, lucky fans get to run into their stars if they happen to be getting off or on a flight around the same time.

THE BOYZ‘s Eric once ran into one such fan at the Incheon airport. The fan must have taken a flight at a similar time, for she could exit from the arrival halls at the same time as he did. She was probably in awe of the celebrity, so she videoed the entire experience closely with her cellphone.

Even though Eric could very well feel uncomfortable with the close-quarter filming, he still made sure to take care of the fan. He realized that she might be too distracted to notice the upcoming door. Ever the gentleman, he reached out an arm to gently guide her without touching her.

She got the message and looked back slightly before neatly avoiding the door.

While we cannot be quick enough to write her off as a sasaeng or stalker as it could be either a coincidence or she might have traveled to watch a concert of the group’s overseas, it is important to note that she was indeed walking very closely with him with a phone in her hand. Sasaeng or not, the move itself might make him uncomfortable. Despite this, his kind attitude towards the fan made everyone’s hearts melt.

Everyone was very impressed!

Catch the full clip below!


every time i like someone irl, eric sohn always reminds me that he’s THE standard #tbz #theboyz #eric #fyp

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