The East Light Member Reveals He Wanted To Suicide Because Of The CEO’s Assaults

They revealed more horrifying details behind the assaults.

The East Light‘s Lee Seokcheol and Lee Seunghyun held another interview where they revealed more dark details of their story regarding their CEO’s assault towards them.


Media Line Entertainment‘s CEO refuted the members’ claims that he assaulted the members even after promising to stop.

“I promised I would stop and there hasn’t been any assaults since then. Any claims that there were are untrue.”

— Kim Chang Hwan (Media Line CEO)


After hearing their former CEO deny their claims, Lee Seokcheol felt used as all of the trust he had for Kim Chang Hwan came crumbling down.

“I wondered if he didn’t think of his as his sons but as just products to sell. The trust I had towards our CEO came crumbling down.

Our CEO claimed he would keep his promise [to stop], but as soon as we told our parents about the assault, he made us get down on the ground (in push up position) as he lectured us about superiority and inferiority.”

— Lee Seokcheol


Lee Seunghyun revealed that the assault got so bad that he often contemplated about taking his own life to end the pain. This all began when he was just 13 years old (14 years old Korean age).

“He would curse at us as he told us we were disgusting kids. It was so difficult that I thought about jumping off the bridge into the Han River many times.

It was when I was 14 years old, a 1st year in middle school.”

— Lee Seunghyun


When the interview asked if their fellow member Lee Woo Jin, who was in elementary school at the time, also got hit. The members answered, “Yes.”


According to Lee Seokcheol, the members were beaten and verbally abused for the simplest mistakes.

“We always left a notice in the group chat. We would write, ‘I arrived at ____ time’ and ‘I’m leaving now.’ He would [assault] us for simple things like not remembering to do that.”

— Lee Seokcheol


The CEO had advocated that the remaining four members who stayed with the company were proof that the Lee brothers were lying.

“The other members know I didn’t do that. The remaining 4 members are my witnesses and proof.”

— Kim Chang Hwan


But Media Line soon nullified the contract with the rest of the members, which made Lee Seokcheol feel guilty as he felt that he ended the members’ careers. In the midst of the legal processes, Lee Seokcheol couldn’t find the courage to reach out to the remaining members.

“When I read that news article, all I did was cry. I wondered if I should have endured it more.

I haven’t contacted any of the members since my press conference. I don’t have the courage to reach out to them first.”

— Lee Seokcheol


Lee Seokcheol and Lee Seunghyun are currently undergoing a legal dispute against Media Line as the rest of the four members remain silent about the ongoing case.

The East Light vs. Media Line Entertainment's Assault Case