Prosecution Demands Prison Sentence Of CEO And Producer Who Abused The East Light Members

The case is coming to a close.

Prosecution has demanded the imprisonment of Media Line Entertainment‘s former Producer Moon Young Il and CEO Kim Chang Hwan in relation to The East Light assault case.

During the 6th hearing of The East Light case on June 14, prosecution demanded a 3-year sentence on Moon Young Il for habitual assault of minors and 8-month sentence on Kim Chang Hwan for child abuse and the aiding and abetting of child abuse as well as a 20 million KRW ($16,900 USD) on Media Line Entertainment for violating the Child Welfare Act.


On this day, Kim Chang Hwan continued to deny his charges on child abuse and the aiding and abetting of child abuse.

I have never physically punished or verbally abused an artist during my 30 years of working in this industry (entertaiment). This is because I believe if I don’t love the artist when I discover them, the public won’t love them either. In particular, I met The East Light when they were very young so I made an effort to develop their character. But I am taking to heart the things that I was not aware of. I am going through a difficult time because this incident occurred in my life. I hope the right and wise decision will be made.

ㅡ Kim Chang Hwan


Meanwhile, Moon Young Il made an apology to The East Light members and their families.

I apologize to the victims’ families and the victims. I was humiliated after seeing the members at the prison visitors’ room. When I came last time to testify, I met The East Light’s leader, Lee Seokcheol, and shared a brief greeting. Even during that brief greeting, the sense of regret I felt was greater than my guilt. I was sorry about my past actions and was sorry that I was testifying under the public’s attention. I hope that the situations and significance of each person is not discolored and that the scars of the members are healed as soon as possible.

ㅡ Moon Young Il


Moon Young Il, Kim Chang Hwan and Media Line Entertainment’s sentence will be announced at 2 pm (KST) on July 5th.

Source: Xportsnews, MBN TV and MBN TV

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