“The Glory” Cha Joo Young Lands Her First Lead Role And Everyone Is Living For It

Here’s all we know about the role.

The Glory actress Cha Joo Young has finally landed a lead role. Despite her nine-year-long career, she has always played a supporting role. This time, she gets the spotlight, and fans couldn’t be happier for her.

An industry insider revealed to Sports Chosun that Cha Joo Young would be the lead for a new tvN drama, WonkyungWonkyung will tell the tale of the historical characters King Taejong and Empress Wonkyung. Set 600 years ago, her character, Lady Min, joins hands with her husband, Lee Bang Won, after marrying into the royal family. They strive to take hold of the crown and share it as “equal business partners in royal power.” After they come to reign, Lee Bang Won becomes King Taejong, while Lady Min is named Queen Wonkyung.

Lady Min is born to the best family in Goryeo, the Min family. She marries Lee Bang Won, two years younger than her, and eventually helps him take the crown. She shows relentless ambition but remains charming in her greed.

Netizens can’t wait to see her in the role after her glorious performance as stewardess Hye Jeong in The Glory.

| theqoo
  • I love it!!!!
  • She will be so pretty.
  • Insane, I can’t wait!
  • Her voice is really nice. It would suit sageuks!
  • Her acting is f*cking good, so I can’t wait.
  • Looks, projection, and pronunciation are all good. Her acting is also great. She has an aura. I was really anticipating this. She feels like the next generation’s top star actress. Good luck.

From stewardess to queen, we can’t wait!

Source: theqoo
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