“The Glory” Actors Lim Ji Yeon And Park Sung Hoon Show Off Their Close Friendship IRL

They’re overly invested in the show.

The characters of Netflix‘s The Glory may always be butting heads in the show, but they get along pretty well in real life. In particular, the actors that play Jae Jun and Yeon Jin seem to be close friends.

Park Sung Hoon, the actor who plays Jae Jun, sent a coffee truck to Lim Ji Yeon, who plays Yeon Jin. The two have a love-hate relationship in the show, where their characters often fight but end up physically attracted to each other. He sent the truck to support her new show, A House With A Yard.

| @limjjy2/Instagram

To everyone in the team for A House With A Yard, please take care of my dongsaeng, Lim Ji Yeon.

— Truck banner

She made sure to post proof shots on her Instagram to thank him. What entertained fans was how he seemed to be ultra-invested in the drama. He referenced their characters in The Glory on both a truck banner and on her Instagram. Making a play on the theme of revenge, he changed the proverb, “An eye for an eye.

| @limjjy2/Instagram

The coffee truck that Jaejunnie bought for Yeonjinnie. With the truck, I will pay back an iced americano with an iced americano. A hot americano with a hot americano.

— Truck banner

Lim Ji Yeon thanked him lightly in the caption.

Park Sung Hoon continued to play along, teasing her about the presence of Ye Sol. Ye Sol is the name of their daughter on the show.

If you’re at the filming site, who’s Ye Sol with?

— Park Sung Hoon

Seems like the actors themselves are more invested in the show than us fans!

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