“The Glory” Child Actress Shoots Her First Ever Magazine Spread

She grew up!

While The Glory‘s grown actors received critical acclaim and widespread praise for their actions, the one who stole our hearts was child actress Oh Ji Yul. Oh Ji Yul played Ha Ye Sol, the daughter of Park Yeon Jin and Ha Do Young.

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She gained attention for her impeccable delivery, as well as her princess-like visuals. Viewers also loved her “little chick voice,” dubbing it a great strength as a child actress. Ji Yul shot her very first magazine spread with ELLE thanks to her growing fame.

You can already see her immense potential as an actress.

She has a wide range of expressions and gorgeous eyes.

We can already see how she can pull off both protagonistic and antagonistic roles.

Dressed up in a tie and shirt, she exudes confidence beyond her years!

Many agreed that you could definitely see all her future potential through the few photos. Others gushed over her visuals.

Netizen reactions to the shoot. | theqoo
  • “It’s like, although she played a child’s role, these photos are meant to show you properly what she’s like as an actress. So pretty.”
  • “Ahhh so cute!!!”
  • “Ahhhhhhh!!! So cute!!!”
  • “The 4-cut picture is so cute.”
  • “Cute.”
  • “Ah, pretty.”

She’s definitely an actress to look out for these next few years!

Source: theqoo

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