Song Hye Kyo’s Best Acting Scene In “The Glory” As Chosen By Koreans

#7 is the most emotional for sure.

The Glory is widely touted as one of Song Hye Kyo‘s best works. She stepped out of her usual comfort zone to play her rawest role yet, impressing audiences worldwide. Koreans have been keeping their eye on her entire career since decades ago, and they have nothing but praise for her role as Moon Dong Eun. Here are some of the best scenes in The Glory, as chosen by Koreans.

1. The iconic “Bravo, Yeonjin-ah!”

Everyone has been parodying this short scene because it was impactful in season one. Found it in episode three; she recites, “Bravo! You’re so incredible, Yeon-jin! Ah! Whoo!

2. Jae Jun doesn’t know

One of the rare scenes that Dong Eun gets a dig in at her former sexual harasser and tormentor, Jae Jun, it was highly cathartic.

By the way, Jae-jun… How would you even know what’s ‘colorful’ or not?

— Dong Eun

3. When she gave it back to Sa Ra

Dong Eun used Sa Ra’s family religion against her.

Don’t do that in here. Don’t use that language in a house of God. Just hang on. (Closes eyes) That’s not good. Your God is super pissed right now.

— Dong Eun

4. Stewardess Hye Jeong

Dong Eun schooled Hye Jeong, fake-threatening her with a burning piece of wood.

This here is what you call ‘malice,’ Ms. Flight Attendant. When you’re trying to hurt someone and you know it. And you did that to me every day.

— Dong Eun

5. Confronting her mother

One of the most emotional scenes was actually when Dong Eun interacted with her mother. Her mother was her very first bully.

That was the last thing you should’ve done to me. You can track me down here and show up and invade my life like the shameless bitch you are, but the one thing you shouldn’t have done is side with the monster who ruined my life!

— Dong Eun

6. Takes two to tango

Dong Eun and Yeon Jin actually had insane chemisty.

  • Yeon Jin: “Prove it, then. Do you have some proof?”
    Dong Eun: “You have no idea.”

7. Finally free from her devil

Dong Eun uses her mother’s predictable greed and violence to gather proof that her mother should be taken away.

I wanna thank you, Mom. Don’t ever change. You’ll always be the same. You’ll always be my mom.

— Dong Eun

Netizens were highly divided over which was the best scene. While #1 and #2 ended up being the most iconic and parodied scenes due to the short but impactful lines, Song Hye Kyo’s acting really shone in #7.

| theqoo

  • “I replayed the ‘You have no idea’ scene and the ‘I wanna thank you, Mom’ scene so many times. I’ve never thought Song Hye Kyo was outstanding at acting but ‘The Glory’ surprised me.”
  • “#7. It made me realize what an amazing actress Song Hye Kyo really is. It gave me the chills.”
  • “#5 and #7… I’ve been waiting for Song Hye Kyo to take on a role like this. T-T”
  • “#6.”
  • “#7!”

| theqoo

  • “I liked #2. It captured Dong Eun FINALLY stepping up to her bullies. The most powerful one of them all, too.”
  • “#7… Her acting was out of this world.”
  • “The ‘colorful’ thing.”
  • “I pick #7. The whole scene was basically Dong Eun’s life in a box.”
  • “It’s #7 for me. She was wailing but laughing. Goosebumps!”

Which one was your favorite?

Source: theqoo

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