The 4 Things K-Pop Idols Should Never Do, According To A Former Idol

Partying and smoking are not allowed in his POV.

In an interview with German outlet Stern, former DRIPPIN member Alex opened up about his life as a K-Pop idol.

Former DRIPPIN member Alex

The German-Korean singer debuted in 2020 and officially left the group three years later. Although he enjoyed his time on the stage, he decided it was in his best interest to go back to school and live a normal life.

I’m not allowed to talk about the exact background. But what I can say is: I was worried that I wasn’t developing positively according to my expectations. It took me a long time to decide to leave because I had so much fun on stage and with the fans. But it was the right decision. I want to finish school.

— Alex

He made it clear that aspiring K-Pop idols should look beyond the glitz and glitter of the industry. They should think hard if this is the path they want to take.

Of course, it’s fun to be on stage. It’s a great gift and I love it. But whoever becomes a K-Pop star also has to know exactly what they’re getting into.

— Alex

If they do believe it is worth it, he noted down several things that idols must be careful to never do.

1. Politics

First up, Alex mentioned that celebrities like them should avoid speaking up about divisive topics like politics. It is a topic that can easily put them in hot waters with a single wrong word.

K-Pop stars shouldn’t comment on politics.

— Alex

2. Smoking

Smoking is another no-go among K-Pop idols in his eyes. Besides its negative reputation in South Korea, it is also bad for one’s vocal cords which singers like them rely on.

You shouldn’t smoke because it damages your voice.

— Alex

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3. Parties

Alex was also firm that they must enjoy things in moderation. Partying too much, for instance, would not lead to much good.

Don’t party too hard.

— Alex

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4. Dates

Finally, he called it “common sense” to not be in a relationship as a K-Pop idol. As fans know very well, being caught in a romantic entanglement usually damages the reputation of the singer as fans consider it their job to stay unattached.

Don’t go on dates either. You shouldn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend, that’s common sense.

— Alex

Besides these, Alex also mentioned the other things K-Pop idols miss out on especially if they debut early.

Little free time, little private life. Because I started so early, I would say: I missed a part of my youth.

— Alex

Read more from his interview below.

Source: Twitter and Stern