Third-Generation Girl Group Member Reveals The Shocking Physical Side Effect Of Her Hectic Schedule

A rare look at the reality of being an idol.

Usually, in the K-Pop industry, artists are often required to maintain an unblemished, polished persona in front of fans. But sometimes, idols break through all the filtering, as a third-generation girl group member has done recently.

The idol in question is Solar of MAMAMOO.

MAMAMOO’s Solar | @solarkeem/Instagram

Since her debut, Solar has always been an honest person, be it with fans or on screen. As a performer, she breaks boundaries with her skills, be it the powerhouse vocals, enchanting pole dancing skills, or her eagerness to embrace unconventional looks, including a shaved head and unibrows.

| RBW Entertainment

On the other hand, as a celebrity, she is someone you can trust to keep it real with her fans. From sharing the not-so-glamorous secrets that keep female idols from sweating on stage to casually showing off her body hair on a YouTube video, Solar never shies away from showing the real behind the reel.

Keeping the same honest attitude with fans, she recently shared an update on the fan-messaging platform Bubble. Solar uploaded a picture of her head, pointing out that she has started developing hair loss symptoms thanks to the stress of her current activities. It was her hair stylist who first noticed the patch on her head.

| Bubble

While she mentioned that it was her own ambitions that led to so much stress, fans are worried that her agency is failing to manage her activities as a part of MAMAMOO+, a subunit consisting of Solar and Moonbyul. The duo has been touring across South East and East Asian countries on a tight schedule. Before this, Solar has had back-to-back activities, starting from her solo album Face to debuting as a musical actress, to working on MAMAMOO’s album, to the group’s world tour.

MAMAMOO on their US tour earlier this year | Dennis DaSilva
MAMAMOO+ on their Asia tour in Seoul | Twitter

However, Solar assured fans in her post that there is nothing to worry about and she will get treated for the condition.

The singer recently performed at a festival in Poland, where she also seemed to have enjoyed a vacation for a few days. Fans are hoping that her stress levels are now lessened, and she can get the rest she needs even after that.