Third-Generation Male Idol Makes Waves By Creating His Own Genderless Jewelry Company For Fans

The pieces are elegant, beautiful, and timeless.

The idea of “genderless” has become more and more common in K-Pop. While Korea still has traditional views on sexuality, both idols and actors have started wearing outfits that defy the boundaries of gender.

SHINee’s Key | SM Entertainment
Amber Liu | SM Entertainment
TXT’s Yeonjun | @txt_members/Twitter

One idol who has taken his passion for “genderless” fashion and taken it one step further is PENTAGON‘s Yuto.

PENTAGON’s Yuto | @yuto_dachi/Instagram

Although Yuto is known as a rapper with a very deep voice and strong visuals, he has always been known for breaking gender stereotypes when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s the clothes he wears, the accessories he pairs them with, or matching them with iconic nail varnish, the idol is a true fashion icon.

On January 13, Yuto teased a new project on Instagram under the name “AnY Space.”

| @anyspace_official/Instagram

It was later revealed that Yuto had created a jewelry line and it wasn’t just any brand; it was promoted as a genderless accessories brand.

The preorders for the jewelry started on January 23. On the website, there are many beautiful pieces for sale. While some are modeled by Yuto himself, others are allowed to shine with their own elegant designs. With so many different items, there is something for everyone’s tastes and for every occasion.


Along with the beautiful jewelry, at the bottom of the website, it says that a portion of the sales will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

While many idols are rocking the genderless look, Yuto is the first to create a brand based on it. PENTAGON and Yuto have always had fans of different genders, and this brand is the perfect gift for them.

Source: AnY space