Third-Generation Idol Surprises Fans With Beautiful Engagement Photos

Congrats to the couple!

Former gugudan member Mimi revealed her engagement photos with MBLAQ member Thunder.

Thunder (left) and Mimi (right)

On November 6, Mimi uploaded the couple’s engagement photos to her Instagram.

In the beautiful photos, the couple exuded otherworldly visuals and looked happily in love.

Fans reacted to the photos by heaping praise on the couple. Many of the idols’ adoring fans doted on them and expressed how beautiful they looked together. Among the throng of admirers was Thunder’s world-famous sister, Sandara Park (Also known as Dara).

  • “You guys are both so pretty.”
  • “It hasn’t hit me yet…”
  • “You look so pretty and lovely.”
  • “Congratulations!!! Live well!!!”
  • Unnie, congratulations.”

Meanwhile, Thunder and Mimi confirmed their relationship last July. At the time, the two revealed that they were preparing to get married. You can read more about the couple in the link below.

Former gugudan Member Mimi And Former MBLAQ Member Thunder Confirm Relationship, Reportedly Preparing For Marriage

Source: my daily