Ticketmaster Causes Chaos As More Tickets To BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Are Released A Day Before The Concert

Us when we saw there were more tickets available: 🥺🙏 Us when we saw them already being resold for thousands of dollars: 😱😠

Ticketmaster has sent ARMYs into an uproar on Twitter as they released more seats for the Verified Fan pre-sale just one day before BTS‘s highly anticipated PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Los Angeles.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

It seems as if the codes were texted to those who applied to be Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan during the pre-sale period and were waitlisted.

The code worked pretty much the same way as the pre-sale codes as Ticketmaster released more available seats and once through the queue, buyers can “unlock” certain seats with the special code they were sent, and are given a cap at four tickets max.

ARMYs are not happy with the ticket selling platform as they once again feel snubbed by them.

When tickets first went on sale back in the first week of October, Ticketmaster seemed ill-equipped to handle the amount of traffic they had, and almost immediately crashed. The ticket buying experience for ARMY is never a stress-free one, but this time in particular, ARMYs had little to no sympathy for the website’s lack of preparation for one of the most highly anticipated concerts this year.

Due to overwhelming past purchaser & Verified Fan presale demand for BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA, all shows are sold out & tickets are not available for the public onsale.

—Ticketmaster Fan Support

To make matters worse, tickets that were bought during the pre-sale almost immediately went up on the site as resell tickets that went well into the thousands.

Some resellers were even selling the 500-level seats for hundreds of dollars.

Today’s fiasco started when Ticketmaster sent out pre-sale codes to those who were waitlisted from the previous pre-sale…only to find that scalpers had gotten codes as well—codes that were taken away from an ARMY—and bought tickets from the newly released tickets to resell them.

And the prices? They’re in the thousands.

No one knows exactly how Ticketmaster chose who to send these pre-sale codes to, but it’s clear that with the first show only a day away, ARMYs are not happy with them.

The road to the concert itself is looking like a bloody one. ARMYs who were looking forward to attending the show either did not score a ticket because of Ticketmaster’s poor system, or they paid an exorbitant price for a ticket that should have only cost them a fraction.

At the end of the day, everyone’s just trying to have fun and be united by their love for BTS and their music. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster had other plans.

Even though “Ticketmaster” is trending, there has been no response from the platform as of yet.