Tiffany Confesses She Suffered Anxiety And Depression While Promoting As Girls’ Generation

“I had to receive a lot of psychological therapy…”

Despite always being the happy-go-lucky member of GirlsGeneration, Tiffany Young recently confessed that she suffered from anxiety and depression during their promotions.


She feels a lot better now, but she was always on edge about her appearance. She confessed, “I’ve become more peaceful, [but] before, I was mostly worried about what I say and how I say it.”


An unhealthy obsession to always upholding the energetic, happy image was rooted deep into her young mind when she debuted.

I debuted in Korea while I was in high school, so whenever I was in front of a camera, I felt like I had to automatically become a young girl, have a high tone voice, give off good energy, and…

It became an unhealthy obsession in my life.

— Tiffany


It came to a point where she had to “receive therapy to step away from it and reprogram” the way she thinks.

I had to receive a lot of psychological therapy in order to believe that I can express in front of a camera that I’m a human too. I have emotions, I have moments when I’m mad and sad too, and I struggle too.

If I had been hiding my hurt and frustration before, I learned that it’s okay not to be okay.

— Tiffany


Tiffany also revealed that there was a point in her life where she suffered depression on top of her anxiety, but her sister was a big source of strength during her difficult time.

I once felt depression washing over me, and my older sister told me that. ‘You don’t have to be okay, but it’s all going to be okay no matter what.’

There are a lot of times when I want to hide, give up, and have negative feelings like that. It’s not just me, but everyone.

— Tiffany


She now hopes that she can set an example and become a source of strength and motivation to those who are also suffering from anxiety or depression.

But if I show myself having courage during these times, I hope that a friend or someone will be able to recover through their difficulties too.

— Tiffany

Source: My Daily

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