Tiffany finally makes her return to Unnies

After leaving Unnie’s Slam Dunk midway through the season, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany finally made her return with the group. 

On December 24th, Tiffany took the stage to perform Unnies‘s hit song “Shut Up,” which opened the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards. The performance marked Tiffany’s first activity with the group after officially leaving Unnie’s Slam Dunk amidst her social media controversy. Although fans demanded Tiffany’s reinstatement to the show, it inevitably came to an end early in December without her return.

Despite not having returned to the show, Tiffany’s chemistry with her cast members proved to be as strong as ever, with the group performing their hit song without a hitch. Tiffany was also seen presenting flowers to cast member Min Hyorin, who took home the rookie award for KBS variety shows.