Tiffany Opens Up About Plans For Girls’ Generation’s Full Member Comeback

She gave an update about the group’s plans.

Tiffany opened up in an interview about how each Girls’ Generation member is focusing on their solo careers.

“We used to pursue group and solo promotions at the same time, but we’re at a stage right now where we’re all pouring our all into our solo careers. We’re each trying new things, and it’s important for us to show results.”

— Tiffany


Although they may be promoting separately right now, Tiffany guarantees that there will come a day when all of the Girls’ Generation members will reunite for a comeback!

“There’s no set date for a Girls’ Generation comeback with all of the members.

When it’s time for us to come back together, we definitely will. We’re just split for the time being.”

— Tiffany


She believes that the time spent apart and the lessons learned in between will create an even more special meaning behind their inevitable comeback.

“I think it’s important for us to focus on our solo careers right now to learn and experience a lot of things. That way, we’ll have even more special messages to share when we make a group comeback.”

— Tiffany


And fans can be certain that the comeback is in the stars because all of the girls continually keep in contact with each other, and their sisterhood remains stronger than ever!

“Even now, we make sure to make time to see each other and keep in contact frequently.”

— Tiffany


Until then, Tiffany plans on promoting her solo music and pursuit of acting in Hollywood – all the while going back and forth to meet her fans back home!

“I really want to promote in Korea. Whenever there’s ever a chance for me to meet my fans [in Korea], I’ll come back.”

— Tiffany

Source: Star News

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