Tiffany Young Swore For The First Time On Korean Television, And Her Reaction Was Priceless

The Girls’ Generation star was also surprised.

When it comes to K-Pop idols who look like the definition of “princess” and “elegant”, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany is one of the first people who come to mind. Fans couldn’t get enough of her cute eye smile and polite manners ever since her debut.

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Another side of her, however, was “exposed” in a “Showterview with Jessi”. The two old friends sat down for a chat, discussing everything from Jessi‘s would-be debut in Girls’ Generation to their surprisingly similar personalities.

Like how Jessi is known for not being afraid to say things as it is, Tiffany also wasn’t shy to swear in front of the camera! She did so when she stated how she sometimes slips into using English despite being fluent in Korean. At her words, Jessi hit her unexpectedly with a toy hammer.

Jessi: To be honest, Tiffany doesn’t need to speak English.

Tiffany: Nah, I’m buffering…I’m slowing down today. Like, I’m—

Even the editors of the show were surprised, commenting, “Fun Fact: Tiffany can swear when she gets mad!” According to them, it was the first time Tiffany swore on television in 14 years.

Tiffany herself was amused by how fast things progressed in Jessi’s show. Though she wasn’t aware that saying English words would get her penalized, she didn’t mind too much about saying the F-word on camera.

I never knew I’d curse so soon! The reason why the squeaky hammer showed up, you didn’t explain it yet! So I get hit when I speak English?

— Tiffany

If you want to see more fun moments between Tiffany and Jessi, make sure to check out the full video below.

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