Tiger JK Brings Back DJ Khaled’s Iconic Introduction Of BIBI As One Of “K-Pop’s Next Superstars”

She deserves every bit of that hype!

BIBI is a talent everyone is looking out for, and she has DJ Khaled‘s stamp of approval!

Back in November 2020, the virtual live show by AC Milan and Roc Nation titled From Milan With Love: Next Gen aired on Youtube, introducing to viewers many new artists and talents to appreciate and follow! The show was hosted by DJ Khaled, and the artist roster included BIBI as a talented singer from South Korea!

“From Milan with Love: Next Gen”| @AC Milan/Youtube

In the show, while introducing BIBI before her performance, DJ Khaled shared that BIBI is said to be one of “K-Pop’s Next Superstars”, and told viewers to keep an eye out for the talented queen!

She’s said to be one of K-Pop’s next superstars, so remember the name.

Here comes BIBI!

—DJ Khaled

| E!Online

As BIBI recently made a comeback, the CEO of Feel Ghood Entertainment (under which BIBI is signed), rapper Tiger JK brought back this iconic introduction, and asked fans to watch her latest performance of her song, “BAD SAD AND MAD”!

BIBI recently made a comeback with the album Life Is A Bi…, with title songs “BAD SAD AND MAD” and “Birthday Cake”.

Watch the MVs for them here!

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