TikToker Bella Poarch Fires Back For Filipinos, #CancelKorea Continues

She is speaking up for the Philippines as the controversy continues to grow.

A controversial tattoo has sparked a heated debate about racism, South Korea, and the Philippines that shows no sign of ending soon.

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TikToker Bella Poarch recently received backlash from Korean netizens for a tattoo that incorporates Japan’s Rising Sun flag. In response, she apologized and promised to remove the tattoo.

Some malicious commenters took this as an opportunity to attack not just Bella Poarch, but all Filipinos with insults and racial slurs.

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On September 8, outraged netizens responded to this discrimination by trending #CancelKorea on Twitter to defend the Philippines and condemn racism.

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24 hours later, the hashtag is still trending, and more people are speaking up about the issue.

When Bella Poarch’s tattoo controversy first began, she responded with patience and understanding, recognizing the mistake she made. She advised others to educate themselves about their style choices to avoid inadvertently hurting other people.

Now, like thousands of other Filipinos, Bella Poarch is voicing her frustration by cursing out malicious netizens and speaking up for her country.

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