This TikToker’s “Most Viral Video” In 2021 Is Actually Her Dad Crying Over An Iconic K-Drama

To be fair… That show hit us hard, too. We definitely relate. 🥲

Emily (@emilyjhink) is a K-Drama fan with a TikTok account followed by 17.9K+ people. So, inevitably, when she posted a video of her dad watching the 2019 hit Crash Landing On You, it went viral with over 2M+ views.

Emily on TikTok | @emilyjhink/TikTok

In the original TikTok shared May 2021, Emily captured her dad wiping his tears away while watching episode nine, in which Captain Ri (played by actor Hyun Bin) bids farewell as Yoon Se Ri (played by actress Son Ye Jin) heads back to South Korea.


My dad in every episode 😅 but also me too 😂 #crashlandingonyoudrama #cloy #koreandrama #kdrama #sweetdad #fyp #dadjoke #crashlandingonyou

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The next day, Emily shared another TikTok with her dad on the phone as she told him how he became “TikTok famous” and “so many people love [him].” 


More videos to come of my dad watching CLOY 🥰 Thanks for all the kind comments 💜 #crashlandingonyoudrama #tiktokdad #kdramadad #kdrama #fyp

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The reaction TikToks continued with the rest of Emily’s family—including Huckleberry the Dog—getting reeled in by the heartbreaking romance between Captain Ri and Yoon Se Ri.


You asked for a part 2! More to come! 🥰 #fyp #crashlandingonyoudrama #kdramafans #MAKEYOURMOVE #tiktokdad #kdrama #cloy #koreandrama #sweetdad

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By the final episode, and #TeamCLOY remembers how incredibly emotional that episode was, Emily’s mom couldn’t hold back the tears either. With Huckleberry trying to comfort mom and dad, the four-part reaction TikToks became complete.


The emotional scenes in CLOY 😭 #kdramafans #crashlandingonyoudrama #cloy #kdrama #crashlandingonyou #kdramadad #fypkdrama

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Recently, these TikToks of her dad reacting to Crash Landing On You have resurfaced—as Emily’s “Most Viral Video” for 2021. And this time, the videos have regained massive popularity among Korean K-Drama fans, too!

  • “Oh yeah. I don’t usually cry over K-Dramas but I bawled my eyes out watching Crash Landing On You.
  • “Aaagh, he’s adorable! LOL. I know which episodes he’s watching, too. Those are some super sad scenes indeed.”
  • “I love the family’s reaction to the dad crying. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. If your dad cries watching something, you make fun of him. It’s like an unwritten rule. LOL.”

The online community related deeply with Emily’s dad, commenting that “It is simply impossible not to cry at those scenes” and praising how “cute” the reactions are.

  • “Aww, this is so cute. Haha.”
  • “Oh, wow. Look at that concentration, seriously. He’s hooked. LOL.”
  • “Oh, no! It’s okay, dad! Haha. This has got to be the most adorable thing ever.”

Emily’s dad mentioned in one of the TikToks that he is “glad [Emily] introduced [him] to the world of K-Dramas” and that he looks forward to catching “another one, not too far in the future.”


Reply to @hicheehere what should he watch next? Our Kdrama dad loves you all! hugs 🥰 #kdramaislife #crashlandingonyoudrama #cloy #kdramadad #fyp

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Sounds like Emily’s dad could use recommendations! Which show should he watch next? 🤔

Source: THEQOO

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